Sunday, December 18, 2016

Rare Development

SGI Onyx Workstation

N64 Development Cart

GoldenEye Team Workspace

7 of the GoldenEye Team
L-R Duncan Botwood, B. Jones, Steve Ellis, Martin Hollis,
Mark Edmonds, Dr. David Doak, Grant Kirkhope.


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Drew Roller said...

Hey I'm crowd funding a documentary about Goldeneye 007 with a former Good Game producer. Would you be interested in talking to us for the film?

GoldenEye Decoded said...

No but please do get in touch with @martinhollis, @3dflame, @KarlHilton1, @OldWulf, @mr_Ady_Smith, @Norgans, @grantkirkhope and @TheRealBeano. Steve Ellis, David Doak, and Mark Edmonds too!