Tuesday, October 03, 2017

Train Change

The number of the train was changed to 715-5264
in reference to the Nintendo 64 console for which
the game was developed. The train in the film is
numbered 715-5623 and its TWO carriages are
742-5660 and 745-2516. However, the train in
the game has (Double-O) SEVEN carriages with
only (Double-O) SIX of these being accessible.

Tuesday, June 06, 2017

Unused Team Head

Mr. Adrian 'Ady' Smith, credited with
Additional Graphics, produced the Jungle
and Antenna Dish at Arecibo as well as
front end design and in-game effects,
such as the muzzle flashes, tracer fire,
explosions and health status indicator.
He also worked on a 'Firing Range'
section of a cut Q Branch environment.
He left Rare Ltd. in February, 1997.

An early screenshot from Bunker 2 showing
the texture in use on an Arctic Commando.