Sunday, May 17, 2015

Preview (NMS UK - Issue 41 - February 1996)


SubDrag said...

There's some weird stuff in this article, such as changing viewpoints via D-Pad, and being able to pick up fire extinguishers, chairs, and nerve gas. Not sure what that was about here. But clearly says full range of movement.

GoldenEye Decoded said...

Most articles from this period were pulling information from the 1995 Game Design Document as not a lot of the game was ready to be shown. 'Changing viewpoints' is most likely referring to the ability to look up and down via D-pad. Fire Extinguishers and Nerve Gas Cannisters were planned as usuable objects for Facility but the N64 was not great at rendering the required fire, smoke and gas effects so they remained unused. The Chair object was planned for Archives as an improvised weapon to help Bond incapacitate the guards and escape the interrogation room.