Sunday, May 08, 2016

Anatomy Of A Murder (iSpy Magazine - Volume 58 - Issue 10)

Bonus: Untextured Bunker Map (NinGen)


  1. Was lighting done before texturing? Strange, it has some textures in picture.

    1. Development systems could view maps without textures - the official GoldenEye 007 site also had a NinGen shot of Streets with a similar textureless view. Lighting and some vertex colour should be all that is displayed in the Bunker map. As Karl Hilton explained in Retro Gamer - Issue 38, "A lot of GoldenEye is in black and white. RGB colour textures cost a lot more in terms of processing power. You could do double the resolution if you used grayscale, so a lot was done like that. If I needed a bit of colour, I'd add it in the vertex."