Tuesday, June 06, 2017

Unused Team Head

Mr. Adrian 'Ady' Smith, credited with
Additional Graphics, produced the Jungle
and Antenna Dish at Arecibo as well as
front end design and in-game effects,
such as the muzzle flashes, tracer fire,
explosions and health status indicator.
He also worked on a 'Firing Range'
section of a cut Q Branch environment.
He left Rare Ltd. in February, 1997.

An early screenshot from Bunker 2 showing
the texture in use on an Arctic Commando.


AP said...

He also worked on a 'Firing Range'
section of a cut Q Branch environment. ---- Very interesting!

Glad to see you're still alive :D

SubDrag said...

Please tell me some semblance of photographs or descriptions exist for this mythical firing range level.

And why was head cut?

Luchador said...

Would really really love to know more about this cut Q Branch level!

al64inthedark said...

Wow. First I thought it was one of the Stamper brother. Second, never realised or saw that screenshot. It's very thought to see it

GoldenEye Decoded said...

The head was removed as Adrian Smith left Rare Ltd. in February, 1997, several months before GoldenEye was finalized and released.

As for the 'Firing Range' level, there remain only fragments of info. Martin Hollis mentions during his GDC Europe 2012 postmortem that the team had hoped to include a firing range in GoldenEye but were not be able to do so in time. This lost feature was eventually implemented in Perfect Dark. Another feature, Bond's motorbike, was re-engineered as Joanna's hoverbike. As many of the team have admitted, maybe only 70% of what they wished to include in GoldenEye made it in. The Nintendo 64 Anthology also contains some early menu design sketches featuring a Training/Armory option.