Monday, September 25, 2017

Review (Next Generation - Issue 34 - October 1997)


al64inthedark said...

Wut the old AK ? someone tested a version who had it ?

GoldenEye Decoded said...

A lot of the previews and reviews recycled promotional images and videos that had been supplied to press by Nintendo. Publications would also sometimes describe the gameplay in terms laid out by a supplied document detailing the intended features of the game - similar to the information included in the 1995 game design document. This particular screenshot of the AK47 is taken from a Star Fox 64 VHS released to Nintendo Power subscribers in early 1997. Outside of official Nintendo publications, very few (if any) media outlets were supplied versions of the game to test prior to July/August, 1997. The AK47, along with others, was changed due to potential legal issues with real gun names. It became the KF7 Soviet shortly before E3 1997 in June.