Thursday, January 02, 2014

Transmitter Perimeter

The script and sluglines, on which mission titles were based,
list this area as the Perimeter of the Transmitter Dish.

Bond and Natalya approaching the base of the dish.
They move toward the fence that surrounds the perimeter.

Both the Transmitter Perimeter Buildings and the Transmitter Dish
locations were intended for the mission/s between Jungle and
Control. After they were removed, Jungle's end section had to
be reconfigured to provide elevator entry to the Control Centre.
Objectives were later used in the Water Caverns.

Sea and lake effects are listed for the Arecibo locale.
Grant Kirkhope's unused Perimeter theme is also evocative of a
shimmering lake draining around the rising antenna cradle.

Is this GoldenEye's lost mission?

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